Workshop organized to the students covers the realm of Forensic Science & Criminology with a desire to put it to maximum use in daily course of life. It is a unique multidisciplinary programme imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge of crime science to aspiring students.


The subject is designed to introduce the concepts, disciplines and principles of the Forensic Science and their application to modern Forensic Sciences. Topics include the history of Forensic Science, different branches of Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation, the skills involved in scientific analysis, ethical issues & legislation.


Participation in the course increases the basic knowledge about the Forensic Science which can be applied in day today life such as the examination of fingerprints, Questioned Documents, Identification of counterfeit currency, protection from cyber crime, develops observational skills & ethics of the students.

Further choosing/pursuing a career in this applied science will be much easier because of the exposure and the knowledge gained.