FMS - Edition 1, 6th May 2019

Mystery is always the key point of curiosity. Ever wondered about the unsolved mysteries.

Sinking of Titanic…..

Bermuda Triangle……..etc.

Often, it’s an usual scenario to see all watching investigative programs, more interested in thriller movies and reading novels of science fiction. It arouses a sense of investigative thoughts.

What if, we are provided with an opportunity to solve the mystery our-self?

It’ll be a real fun factor as well as educative session. Right!

Summers are made more interesting now

Dive into explore the Mystery World of Highly beneficial Forensic training conclave presented by that provides the true forensic methods, techniques and applications on how to actually conduct examinations and solve the  mystery.

What you Learn

  • Hands on training in Development & Examination of Fingerprints.
  • Hands on training in Examination of documents &Comparison of Handwriting.
  • Hands on training on examination of counterfeit currency notes.
  • Develops observational crime prevention techniques and investigation Methods
  • Examination of Educative Simulated Crime Scene.

Take Aways:

Networking Session with Master Minds of Forensic Science

  • Extensive Crime Scene Investigation kit.
  • Participation Certificate.
  • E-books.
  • Rewards and Recognition to acknowledge participant achievements
  • Thrilling Knowledgeable Mystery Solving Experience to apply in day to day life

Registration Process

  • Early Bird Discount Price (Ends 1st May  2019) – (INR 1,000 per delegate for 3 days)
  • Standard Price and Spot Registration  (From 1st May 2019) – (INR 12,00 per delegate for 3 days)

The registration fees include certificate of Participation, Crime Scene Investigation Kit, Handout, E-books & refreshments. Participants will have to make their own arrangements for lunch & transportation (Subsidised Canteen available at the venue).

Our mysteries are awaiting universal solvers, Grab the Tickets and See you soon at @RBVRR Women’s College, 3-4-527, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad, T.S INDIA


Sponsor, Exhibition Stall (Booth) and a paid Speaker Slots are also available

Sponsorship opportunities too are available for the event, which gives an opportunity to sponsor/speak/exhibit oneself. Each delegate will be given a student kit comprising of sponsors promotional material, coupons etc., to create awareness.

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